Monkey - Entire Series - 13-DVD Box Set Japan
Monkey - Entire Series - 13-DVD Box Set Image Cover
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Director:Toshi Aoki, Jun Fukuda
Studio:Prism Leisure
Date Added:2010-12-03
Features:Box set
Tags: Buddhism drama

Summary: United Kingdom released, PAL/Region 2 DVD: it WILL NOT play on standard US DVD player. You need multi-region PAL/NTSC DVD player to view it in USA/Canada: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), SPECIAL FEATURES: Biographies, Box Set, Interactive Menu, Multi-DVD Set, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: Collected edition of series one and two of the Japanese television adaptation of the ancient Chinese legend, featuring the off-the-wall antics of Monkey (Masaaki Sakai) and his friends Pigsy and Sandy as they accompany the venerable monk Tripitaka (Masako Natsume) on her pilgrimage to find the ancient Buddhist scrolls that will establish peace throughout the world. Includes all the original dubbed episodes, and the 13 previously unseen subtitled episodes. The 26 episodes from series one are: 'Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven'; 'Monkey Turns Nursemaid'; 'The Great Journey Begins'; 'Monkey Swallows the Universe'; 'The Power of Youth'; 'Even Monsters Can Be People'; The Beginning of Wisdom'; 'Pigsy Woos a Widow'; 'What Monkey Calls the Dog-Woman'; 'Pigsy's in the Well'; 'The Difference Between Night and Day'; 'Pearls Before Swine'; 'The Minx and the Slug'; 'Catfish, Saint and the Shape-Changer'; 'Monkey Meets the Demon Digger'; 'The Most Monstrous Monster'; 'Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil'; 'Land for the Locusts'; 'The Vampire Master'; 'Outrageous Coincidences'; 'Pigsy, King and God'; 'Village of the Undead'; 'Two Little Blessings'; 'The Fires of Jealousy'; 'The Country of Nightmares' and 'The End of the Way'. The 26 episodes from series two are: 'Pigsy's Ten Thousand Ladies'; 'The Dogs of Death'; 'You Win Some, You Lose Some'; 'Pigsy Learns a Lesson'; 'The Land With Two Suns'; 'The House of the Evil Spirit'; 'Am I Dreaming?'; 'The Tormented Emperor'; 'Between Heaven and Hell'; 'The Foolish Philosopher'; 'Who Am I?'; 'What is Wisdom'; 'The Fountain of Youth'; 'Better the Demon Yo