My Dinner with Andre (1981) USA
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Director:Louis Malle
Producer:Keith W. Rouse
Writer:Wallace Shawn
Rating:4.0 (112 votes)
Date Added:2010-04-15
Aspect Ratio:1.66:1
Features:Special Edition
Louis Malle  ...  (Director)
Wallace Shawn  ...  (Writer)
Andre Gregory  ...  
Wallace Shawn  ...  
Jean Lenauer  ...  
Roy Butler  ...  
Jeri Sopanen  ...  Cinematographer
Suzanne Baron  ...  Editor
Tags: Buddhism Drama

Summary: The sheer audacity of "My Dinner with Andre" drew throngs of curious filmgoers who made the film the most talked-about art-house hit of 1981. After all, who'd ever heard of a movie consisting of nearly two hours of nonstop dinner conversation? Ah ... but this isn't just any conversation--it's the kind of mesmerizing, soul-searching, life-affirming exploration that we feel privileged to listen to, and with unobtrusive style, director Louis Malle invites us to eavesdrop to our hearts' and minds' content. The film was written by two New Yorkers at the dinner table, noted playwright-actor Wallace Shawn and well-known stage director Andre Gregory, who essentially play themselves. They taped their conversations for several weeks and Shawn gradually shaped them into a scripted conversation, but you'd never know it by watching the movie. The talk flows and flows until you're captivated by Gregory's stories of world travel and spiritual quests in Poland, India, Tibet, the Sahara desert... the tales of a soul-searcher who'd dropped out of the theater world to rediscover his zest for living. Shawn plays the skeptic, the voice of reason, his feet on the ground but his own mind willing to soar. The cumulative effect of this conversation is almost hypnotic, and certainly plays into our eternal appetite for storytelling. Both primal and sophisticated, witty and profound, "My Dinner With Andre" is a film that can be savored over time, offering new revelations with each viewing as the listener-viewer develops his or her own appreciation of life's great mysteries. "--Jeff Shannon"