Only the Way (2008) Hong Kong
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Director:Dang Tak-Wing/Tang Tak Wing
Date Added:2010-12-01
Tags: Buddhism drama

Summary: Here is another Hongkong movie released by group CowRY called “Only The Way”. A rare Buddhism-themed Hong Kong film, inspirational effort Only the Way from director Tang Tak Wing follows a wayward man whose life is transformed by Buddhist teachings. Size is 2CD, sub included, take a look.
PLOT: Starring Cheung Kwok Keung and 1980s and 90s action starlet Moon Lee, Only the Way reflects on life with sensitive insight and a gentle smile. Cheung Kwok Keung portrays a washed-out songwriter whose bad karma begins to catch up with him. His life goes into free fall as his girlfriend leaves him, his career goes downhill, and his mother passes away. All these setbacks make him live in even greater spite of the world until one day he encounters a Temple Street vendor who introduces him to Buddhism.