Blackbirds at Bangpleng (Kawao tee Bangpleng) (1994) Thailand
Blackbirds at Bangpleng (Kawao tee Bangpleng) Image Cover
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Director:Nirattisai Kaljaruek
Studio:Kantana Motion Picture Company
Writer:Wanit Jaroong-Git-Anun, Kukrit Pramoj
Rating:4.4 (26 votes)
Date Added:2010-05-16
Tags: Buddhism drama

Summary: From ( This sci-fi thriller from Thailand combines a 1950's pulp-style story with Buddhist sensibility and a mixed bag of special effects to tell the strange tale of a rural village that is totally changed after a close encounter with a desperate, dying race of aliens. It all begins during the Loi Krathong celebration of the November Moon. All are there, including the Buddhist priests. The festivities are suddenly interrupted when a spectacular ship descends. Suddenly many rays are fired from the great craft and all of the 212 village women find themselves impregnated. Later they bear their children on the same day. These pointy-eared off-spring are truly alien. They travel their village in spooky regiments and have the power to destroy their enemies with their hypnotic staring. The children love raw meat and severely deplete town livestock supplies. Eventually the children and their alien parents begin having severe conflicts. It becomes too much for the children who finally come to accept the foolishness of fighting the inevitable. In this way they find peace and begin to experience real emotion. When those observing from the mother ship realize that their mission has failed, they return to retrieve the children and take them home.