Yom Pee Poa (โยมผีพ่อ) (2009) Thailand
Yom Pee Poa (โยมผีพ่อ) Image Cover
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Date Added:2010-05-17
Tags: Buddhism drama

Summary: From FilmAsia.Blogspot.com (http://filmasia.blogspot.com/2010/01/yom-pee-poa-thailand-2009.html): Orphan Yung (Chayanon Kleeplatoom) gets ordained as a novice monk but later his dead father (Channarong Khuntee-tao) starts to haunt him and the villagers as a giant spirit. Even other monks are scared of him. His spirit presence is just to request Yung to help find her mother (Ratchaneekorn Panmanee) in Bangkok and to seek forgiveness from her for all the bad things he had committed previously towards her when he was still alive.

Soon Yung decides to make the trip to Bangkok with his funny and crazy uncle (Dur Doksadao) who acts as his guardian and he himself brings along two daughters: Nit (Napasorn Chuaigeert) and Noi (Supeecha Mongkolajitanon) with him.While Yung is busy searching for her mother in Bangkok the father flirts around with the villagers and scares the monk away from the temple.Will her mother ever be found and forgive his father in the end?