Enjo (1964) japan
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Director:Kon Ichikawa
Studio:New Yorker Video
Producer:Masaichi Nagata
Writer:Yukio Mishima
Rating:1.0 (1 votes)
Date Added:2010-04-15
Genre:Art House & International
Features:Black and White
Kon Ichikawa  ...  (Director)
Yukio Mishima  ...  (Writer)
Raizô Ichikawa  ...  
Ganjiro Nakamura  ...  
Tatsuya Nakadai  ...  
Yoichi Funaki  ...  
Tamao Nakamura  ...  
Kazuo Miyagawa  ...  Cinematographer
Tags: Buddhism Drama

Summary: Fans of Ichikawa Kon's films will find this effort a complete waste of time. I often find Ichikawa's screen characters to be quite wooden, but in a good way. Watching "The Key" or even "Revenge of a Kabuki Actor," I enjoy the way that his characters tend to present themselves to each other without really making an impact on each other. His characters don't communicate as much as they make ritualistic revelations to each other, that fall, ultimately, on deaf ears (except for us in the audience). That his characters manage to have a meaningful rapport at all, is something momentary in his works. (The only exception to this rule is Ichikawa's fondness for Nakadai Tetsuya, who usually gets to register moments of shock or surprise in close-ups. Hey, he does it well...)

Watching this 1995 re-issue of the Mishima adaptation, I was utterly bored. Nothing happens in this movie. What does happen is ultimately off-screen and simply hinted at. If the actors here are blocks of wood, I wanted to see them burn up sooner. This almost seems like an exercise in minimalism for Ichikawa: how I can get people to sit in the same room, and not emote any feeling, and still, get the story elements to link together.

This film can be skipped. Instead, watch his superior "Revenge of a Kabuki Actor," "The Key," or "The Makioka Sisters."