Le Cercle Rouge (1990) France
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Director:Jean-Pierre Melville
Producer:Robert Dorfmann
Writer:Jean-Pierre Melville
Rating:4.5 (36 votes)
Date Added:2010-05-16
Genre:Art House & International
Picture Format:Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.85:1
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Features:Special Edition
Jean-Pierre Melville  ...  (Director)
Jean-Pierre Melville  ...  (Writer)
Alain Delon  ...  
Bourvil  ...  
Gian Maria Volonté  ...  
Yves Montand  ...  
Paul Crauchet  ...  
Henri Decaë  ...  Cinematographer
Jean-Pierre Melville  ...  Editor
Marie-Sophie Dubus  ...  Editor
Tags: Buddhism drama

Summary: Crime cinema has never been so meticulously and coolly executed. Taciturn thief Alain Delon (intense and dapper in trenchcoat and fedora) and escaped prisoner Gian Maria Volonte cross paths as if by fate, bound by saving each other's life, and join with disgraced ex-cop Yves Montand for their next job: a daring jewel robbery. "Le Cercle Rouge" is the ultimate expression of the romantic doom that Jean-Pierre Melville established in his masterpieces "Bob Le Flambeur" and "Le Samourai". The centerpiece heist, a wordless 20-minute sequence with masked men communicating in codified gestures, is a tour de force of cinematic efficiency that tops even "Rififi" in its celebration of criminal skill and nerve. Melville's cool detachment doesn't allow us to really warm up to these uncompromising pros, but his cinematic precision is spellbinding and his unforgiving world of loyalty, professionalism, sacrifice, and codes of honor is an irresistible underworld fantasy.
The Criterion DVD restores the film, which was originally cut by 40 minutes for its American release, to its full-length director's cut. Additionally, it features new interviews with Melville's assistant director Bernard Stora and friend and expert Rui Nogueira, rare archival interviews with the director and his cast, and a new introduction by filmmaker and Melville fan John Woo among its wealth of supplements. "--Sean Axmaker"