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Conference Talks [T] and Posters [P]

[P] Rogers, S., Lunsford, M., Strother, L., & Kubovy M. The Mona Lisa effect: Perception of gaze direction in real and pictured faces. ICPA 2003 (12th International Conference on Perception and Action) . Surfers Paradise, Australia, July 13–18, 2003

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[?] Schutz, M., & Kubovy, M. Hearing Gestures, Seeing Music. 5th Annual Meeting of Vision Sciences Society. Sarasota, FL, May 6–11, 2005 [ pdf of submitted abstract]

[T] Kubovy, M. Pleasure and the dynamics of static works of art. Pictures, emotions and make-believe: the philosophy and psychology of picture perception. Gargnano, Italy, June 18–20, 2008 [ pdf of slides for talk]


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