March 14, 2019 Letteri lab members volunteer as judges at the Virginia Piedmont Regional Science Fair!
February 19, 2019: Our Waters HPLCs and Tosoh GPC are installed!
February 2019: Justin, Mara, James, and Becca start the Letteri lab sustainability committee!
January 2019: Israt, Mara, Emma, and Rachel start the Letteri lab safety committee!
November 19, 2018: Our CEM Liberty Blue peptide synthesizer is installed!
November 4-5, 2018: Letteri lab attends the 3rd Annual Biomanufacturing Symposium at UVA!
November 2018: Madeline Clore (3rd year undergraduate), Justin Fernandes (2nd year undergraduate), and Becca Richardson (3rd year undergraduate) join the lab!
October 2018: Israt Jahan Duti, Vince Gray, and Mara Kuenen (1st year PhD students) join the lab!
September 2018: Emma Laudermilch and James Mullin (2nd year undergraduates) join the lab!
August 2018: Jessie Eoff (1st year undergraduate) and Julianna Suarez (2nd year undergraduate) join the lab!
August 2018: Prof. Letteri arrives at UVA!