Linguistic Anthropology at UVa

The University of Virginia's Anthropology Department offers a graduate program in linguistic anthropology leading to a PhD. Follow the links at left for more information.

Program Description      
  UVa's Linguistic Anthropology Program sponsors a seminar each semester as an informal and interdisciplinary venue for the presentation and discussion of work-in-progress by faculty, graduate students, and scholars visiting Charlottesville. For more information, click the links to the left.
UVa Linguistic Anthropology Seminar

The Department of Anthropology has four faculty whose main research and teaching is in linguistic anthropology. University of Virginia also has linguists in several other departments.

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Linguistic Anthropology faculty and graduates do research on a wide range of topics, conduct fieldwork in a wide range of places, and teach all over the world.

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Research Projects
  Linguistic Anthropology at the Univeristy of Virginia is devoted to the study of language in its social and cultural context. Click the links to the right to find out about ongoing research projects and the resources the department has to support this research.  
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