Journal of Linguistic Anthropology

This journal, first edited in 1991, is received semiannually by the Members of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology. Its articles cover a variety of topics and geographic areas, and are mainly concerned with the production of language in its social context. Most of the articles contain specific research questions and results, but they also develop general theoretical issues of debate within anthropology. One of the main aims of this journal is to raise issues that might be of interest not only to linguistic anthropologists, but also to anthropologists in other subfields. Other contents include mostly book reviews and commentaries to the articles, and another section, “Focus”, devoted to ongoing debates in linguistic anthropology. Some articles can also be found in the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology website, in the section “Web Enhanced Articles”, where extra audiovisual material is provided. Members of the American Anthropologist Association have access to all contents of the journal via Anthrosource.

(Lydia Rodríguez, 2006)