Studies in Second Language Acquisition

Studies in Second Language Acquisition is a quarterly journal published by Cambridge University Press. Each issue contains research on theoretical issues important to SLA scholars, as well as investigations of methods for language teachers. The book review section focuses on books of interest to SLA researchers, but includes books about general linguistics as well. Special articles include State-of-the Art articles, which survey areas of SLA research, Point and Counterpoint, which allows scholars to present different viewpoints on an issue, and Replication Studies. Every year, one issue focuses on a particular topic and presents five or six studies in that area, as well as an introduction and/or discussion written by and expert on that area of SLA. Recent special issue topics include: Learning Context and its Effects on Second Language Acquisition, The Relation of Creole Studies to SLA, Interlanguage Phonetics and Phonology, and Testing SLA Theory in the Research Laboratory. The journal is available in print at UVA (1980-2001) and full-text articles are available online through the UVA catalog (1997-2006). The journal's homepage may be found at:

(Ellen Michalik, 2006)