Linguistic Anthropology Program Resources

Recording and Transcribing Equipment

The program in Linguistic Anthropology, in conjunction with the Linguistics Program, maintains an up-to-date set of equipment that students can use to gather and analyze linguistic data.

Students are encouraged to





Analogue Audio Recording Equipment

Marantz PMD-222 stereo tape recorder;
AC 4.5V DC adapter, or
3 D-cell batteries

Panasonic VSC variable speed recording transcriber
and headphones


Sony ECM T-115 Lavallier microphone
works with CR2025 button-cell battery;
OR: with “plug-in power”

Sony ECM MS907 Stereo MD/DAT microphone
takes 1 AA-cell battery

Digital Audio Recording Equipment

Marantz PMD 660 Digital Audio Recorder

Digital Video Recording Equipment

  Video Camera