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Linguistics Society of America's Summer Institute

Summer Linguistics Institute

Every other year the national organization of linguists, the Linguistics Society of America, or LSA, supports a month-long summer institute that is home to hundreds of classes on every imaginable topic in linguistics, taught by leading national and international scholars in the field, dozens conferences, workshops, and lectures, and the liveliest of scholarly environments.


Students from all over the world converge on this exciting summer event to hone their skills in their specialty or to study a topic not covered by their home department.
The University of Virginia's linguistic anthropology program encourages graduate students to attend at least one summer institute during their initial coursework (1st three years), and the University provides funding to support their tuition and maintenance while there.

The next Summer Institute will be hosted by Stanford University's Linguistics Department in Stanford, California, from July 1 to July 27, 2007.

Information and application materials can be obtained at the institute's homepage.