Linguistic Anthropology Program Resources Page

The Anthropology department's Linguistic Anthropology Program and the Linguistics Program jointly maintain research equipment that can be used by graduate students for their research and analysis projects. Below is a brief list of the available equipment. Please see program administrators for equipment checkout and tutorials on use.

The department houses a vast collection of journals and books covering half a century of research in linguistics, anthropology, sociolinguistics, and linguistic anthropology.

The Library includes work space, reading space, and a research computing station--as well as the collection of books and journals.

The Hymes Library

Marantz Tape Recorder

Marantz Digital Audio Recorder


Video Camera

Recording Equipment

Sony Vaio Workstation

Digital Audio and Video Analysis Equipment

The program funds graduate students to attend the bi-annual Linguistic Society of America Summer Linguistics Institute.

This international workshop takes place every two years...

Summer Linguistics Training