Software Tools for Linguistic Anthropology


This program is a digital audio editing software. Cool Edit can be used to:

- Make recordings
- Edit sound files
- Zoom in/ zoom out audio files
- Generate/ clean silences
- Copy / paste portions of audio files
- Loop audio files or portions of audio files
- See in spectral view/ waveform view
- Frequency analysis
- Monitor the peak amplitude
- Digitize sounds

When a recording is made or a predetermined audio file is opened, Cool Edit displays a screen where the sound can be viewed either in waveform or in spectral view. In the waveform view, the vertical ruler to the right indicates the amplitude of the wave, and the horizontal ruler below shows the time dimension. The spectral view represents the physical characteristics of the sound. It displays waveforms by their frequency components; the higher the frequencies, the brighter the colours.
The Record Level Meter displays the current peak amplitude of the audio file that is being monitored, recorded, or played. The Frequency Analysis tool shows a graph of the frequencies present at a given point of the sound. The information that appears in this screen represents one line in the Spectral View of the waveform.

(Lydia Rodríguez, 2006)