A wide variety of font packages for many languages are available on the web, and many are free.

An excellent font-finding resource is available at SIL's Fonts in Cyberspace page.

SIL also offers a free IPA font package, the SIL Encore IPA Fonts, for use with both PC and Mac. This package includes several font types, which differ both in keyboard character layouts and in typeface. The package also comes with the Keyman keyboard manager (see below), and lists of character combinations that can be used in conjunction with Keyman settings to produce a full range of symbols.

Additional resources for Cyrillic fonts and computing, as well as some other languages, are also available from Janko Stamenovic's website.

More font information can be obtained from the Yamada Language Center.

The Unicode Homepage has information about Unicode, the movement to standardize all language characters by assigning each character a unique number, independent of language and platform. Uniqoder is a freeware add-on to Microsoft Word which facilitates entering Unicode characters.