Software Tools for Linguistic Anthropology

SIL Speech Tools

Speech Tools is a package of programs helpful for analyzing audio data, transcribing, and doing phonological analysis. It contains AudioCon, a program for converting sound files from the UTT format to WAV format, and also for changing the sampling rate of a file. Speech Analyzer allows you to view recorded speech as a waveform or a spectrogram, as well as providing graphs of intensity and pitch. It also provides tools for segmenting the speech stream and assigning phonetic characters to each segment. Phonology Assistant allows you to create a database of transcribed words, either from transcribed audio files created in Speech Analyzer or from keyboard entry. It is then possible to create a phonetic inventory based on the words in the database and to search the database for all the occurrences of particular sounds. You can also search for segments within a particular phonetic environment. Finally, Speech Tools includes IPA Help, which provides consonant and vowel charts with examples of every speech sound for which there is an IPA character, diagrams of the various points of articulation, and charts comparing Americanist symbols with the IPA. For more information or to download the program, visit the Speech Tools website at

(Ellen Michalik, 2006)