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i study american politics - especially what happens when citizens who've been disenfranchised acquire and exercise political power.

this page covers my current research and work in progress - see below for links to articles



my new book - here's a synopsis - draws on american history, contemporary opinion surveys and democratic theory to explain how political surveying became "privatized" and segregationist.

it argues that american public opinion must now be considered interracial public opinion

if all goes well, look for

interracial opinion in a divided democracy

on the university of chicago's 2005 list.

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Sanders, Lynn M. 1997. "Against Deliberation." Political Theory, v25 n3 pp 347-377. (link is through JSTOR)

Sanders, Lynn M. 1999. "Democratic Politics and Survey Research." Philosophy of the Social Sciences. v29 i2 pp 248-280. (pdf)


the "reparations dialogue project" is in its earliest stages

in collaboration with other scholars - faculty and students - we will be asking




as a robert wood johnson foundation scholar in health policy research from 1998-2000, i began investigating links between politics and mental health.

my book-in-progress is tentatively titled

mad citizens & enlightened witnesses

i'm studying the relationships between state actors, advocacy groups, citizens (both "mad" and "not") and therapists.

here's a march 2004 blurb about some of this work