Luís Alexandre Pereira

Office 309, Department of Mathematics, University of Virginia,Charlottesville, VA 22904

About me

I am currently the Mary Ann Pitts Post-Doctoral Fellow in Mathematics at University of Virginia. here is my CV

Research interests

My area of study is Algebraic Topology.
In particular I am interested in Goodwillie calculus, the theory of operads and their Koszul duality, and moreover, the interplay between these subjects.
More recently, I have taken an interest in the theory of equivariant operads. My first major result on this topic was a generalization of Cisinski-Moerdijk-Weiss' dendroidal sets to the equivariant setting, based on a new notion of equivariant trees.
Currently, I am in the process of using those equivariant trees to build a new algebraic structure, which we dub "genuine equivariant operads", and showing that it provides an equivalent model to usual equivariant operads (joint with Peter Bonventre).

Current Teaching

This Spring I am teaching

  • Math 1320: Calculus II
a paper polyhedron