©Marva A. Barnett

Students' End-of-Semester Evalution Comments
FREN 332-2, Spring 2003

15 students in the course, all responding: 14 College of Arts & Sciences & 1 School of Engineering (5 first-year, 7 second-year, 3 third-year)

FREN 332 is a multi-section course normally taught by faculty in the Department of French. It is the second, and final, course required for French majors and minors and serves as a prerequisite to most succeeding French courses.

Questions have been selected to avoid redundancy. Students are labeled by letter (A, B, C, etc.) to preserve anonymity while offering the opportunity to see how an individual answered different questions.

Summary of evaluation [Rating scale: Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent]:
Rate the course overall: 4.4/5
Rate the instructor overall: 4.7/5


How effective in helping you learn were these aspects of the course, and how could they be improved in the future?

Peer editing direction and grading:

A. I think it is worthwhile to do peer editing, but in this class I found that my peer editors generally said that my essays were good when they in fact needed a lot of work.
B. They are good. Helped me improve my writing
C. It was good, but I feel the comments by the teacher were the most helpful when rewriting my papers.
D. Peer editing I am not sure is worth everyone's time. But it was good to read other people's ideas.
E. Very effective
F. I did not find the peer editing very useful. I benefited far more from your comments and working with what I know needed improvements.
G. These honestly were not helpful to me. I often found that I did not understand the comments made or that the editors did not understand my thinking. I know time is often tight, but it would help me to have time in class with the group.
H. Very effective
I. I thought that although I only used suggestion from my peers a few times, it helped to read over others' papers
J. Very helpful and required you to examine other types of reading
K. I like peer editing and grading because it helps you see if others (at your level) can understand what you are saying
L. Good exercise, though receiving peer edits were not always helpful; good way to get other's viewpoints
M. Peer editors are usually too nice to point out what's wrong with your paper. However it is helpful looking at other people's work so that you can improve your own.
N. This aspect of the class was very helpful as it helped me to become a better editor for others' work as well as my own.
O. Very effective- it really helped me to have another set of eyes look at my paper

Class discussions:

A. I think class discussions were very helpful for learning how to comprehend French literature. Mme Barnett did an excellent job involving everyone in class discussions.
B. I really enjoyed to share my ideas and to learn the ideas of my colleagues
C. Class discussion was really good: Feel that it really helped me French
D. Good, we usually (towards the end more) had good ones
E. Very well led. Prof. Barnett made sure every one spoke and asked very thought provoking questions
F. Discussion was helpful. I t was an enjoyable part of the class
G. These were incredibly helpful-no suggestions
H. Very effective because they helped us understand the readings better
I. Class discussions were very useful in helping out with analyzing texts
J. Very open not intimidating, all thoughts were welcome
K. I enjoyed class discussion very much, it was comfortable and I learned a lot from listening to other people's opinions
L. Good: excellent class that was talkative-very helpful. Lots of discussion/ some instruction-good balance
M. Discussion is helpful only if one person does not dominate the discussion and make other student uncomfortable speaking or asking questions. Unfortunately that happened frequently in this class.
N. Class discussions were very helpful. They helped to clarify any unclear ideas and they allowed us to practice speaking.
O. More work in small groups, then discuss with class-would give more in-depth discussions

Student-student interactions:

A. I think the students worked together remarkably well especially in small groups.
B. Because of class discussions, they are good
C. Very good… felt very relaxed
D. I enjoyed the people in my class and learned from them
E. Very good
F. At times I benefited a lot from working in small groups, other times it was not very helpful. It depended on how much help I needed.
G. I usually found these helpful with the direction of the professor
H. They were good; we had to talk to each other in order to give each other better ideas
I. I liked these because it gave chances to hear peers ideas
J. Friendly and encouraging
K. This was effective
L. Small groups and peer edits really helped this
M. Group projects are helpful in that it is easier to discuss things and help each other in smaller groups
N. Student-student interactions allowed us to get to know our peers better.
O. Helpful

Teacher-student interactions

A. Prof. Barnett was friendly and approachable. I asked her for help outside of class and she was always more than willing to provide assistance.
B. She is a very good teachers and she knows how to interact the teacher [students?] very well
C. One of the best teachers I've had so far
D. Good, she is well versed in the subject and can help in many ways. This can also be intimidating. Think XX (some?) in class were not as good in French as she expected them to be.
E. Prof. Barnett is very approachable and helpful
F. Very helpful. My essays benefited a lot from meeting with you.
G. Very helpful. Mme. Barnett is incredibly approachable, friendly-I could not have done this without her!
H. She was very nice and very approachable
I. This teacher was very approachable and open the discussions
J. Appreciated, she was always very welcoming and eager to help
K. She was always very nice, understanding and helpful
L. Excellent, very approachable, very willing to help… encourages students to excel
M. One-on-one meetings were very helpful
N. Mme. Barnett was always so approachable which really made the class less stressful and more enjoyable.
O. Very helpful-Prof. was always ready and willing to help

Web site

A. Helpful, but it was kind of a pain to have to print out worksheets for almost every class.
B. It's a little confusing because there are a lot of things in website
C. Very useful
D. Excellent
E. Very helpful
F. Easy to know what was going on
G. The most helpful text of the course!
H. Infinitely helpful
I. Rarely used website
J. Very organized with a plethora of information
K. Very helpful
L. Helpful…easier than tons of papers printed out
M. It would be better if you could update the web page with additional assignments. I always forgot to do the worksheets on "Figures du Style" because I would look at the website to see what I needed to do
N. The website is wonderful! I always knew that I could find exactly what I needed.
O. Wonderful-thorough-very good to have syl. there

Class atmosphere:

A. Excellent
B. It's good but in winter it was a bit cold
C. Excellent
D. Only 1 thing: it was difficult to understand everything that was going on some explaining time in English to make sure we all get it would not be a bad thing
E. Relaxed and open for discussion
F. Conclusive to discussion. Relaxed.
G. Great, open, friendly, comfortable
H. Small, lots of personal attention
I. Very comfortable, never felt intimidated about speaking in class
J. Lively and friendly
K. Comfortable, it was helpful in learning
L. Excellent
M. The atmosphere in this class was intense and I found, somewhat intimidating
N. I found our class atmosphere to be very conducive for learning. Our discussions were always very helpful
O. Pleasant, conducive to discussion


I) Student Profile

1) Why did you take this course/section?

A. personal interest
B. requirement, personal interest
C. requirement
D. personal interest
E. personal interest
F. course reputation
G. personal interest
H. personal interest
I. requirement
J. personal interest
K. personal interest
L. requirement
M. personal interest
N. personal interest, my major
O. requirement, personal interest, course reputation, instructor repuation

2) What sort of effort did you put into this class? How would you characterize your own performance?

A. I tried to do the homework and put a great deal of effort into the papers, especially the final versions.
B. I worked in order to improve my writing
C. A lot of effort; performance very well
D. This class was difficult for me. I put in a lot of effort but perhaps notes much less [than] I should have. I did ok. I could do better.
E. I put in a lot of effort and time
F. I worked hard, did well
G. I worked very hard
H. I worked about 5 hours a week for this course
I. Put much effort
J. I put as much effort as I could spare, but my other courses (for intended majors) were very demanding
K. I put a lot of effort into this class, at first I didn't put as much but I quickly learned
L. A lot-but it was worth it. I came prepared and worked outside of class as well
M. Lots of effort
N. I put a lot of effort into this class. I found that you could do well as long as you worked really hard.

II) Course

1) How challenging was this class?

A. I found the class to be challenging but manageable. I feel I improved a lot over the course of the semester, but the papers, especially, were very challenging.
B. It wasn't challenging
C. Challenging; but really improved my French
D. Very
E. The material was not challenging intellectually, but there was a lot of it
F. Appropriately so
G. Perfect for its level
H. Very challenging because of all the writing
I. Fairly challenging
J. This class was challenging and required you to be attentive and responsive
K. Very, there was a lot of difficult work
L. Fairly challenging-made me work to improve my French, but was manageable
M. Very
N. This course was very challenging.
O. Rather, lots of readings to do (more so than E-School)

2) How useful did you find the writing assignments? How much writing were you required to do in this class (double spaced pages)? Please specify such factors as rewrites and response papers.

A. We wrote 5 papers 2-3 pages in length with a rough draft and final copy for each. We also wrote some other papers for "homework" grades.
B. They helped me a lot. I wrote 5 papers
C. If one wishes to improve their French. About 5 papers-rough draft then final
D. 12+ papers, then 6 others, responses to others, random assignments
E. Very useful. We were required to write 12 pages (around) rewrites and response papers were very helpful.
F. 5 papers of 2-3 pages, writing really helped my understanding of texts.
G. Very useful 15 pages and rewrites
H. They weren't that bad; 5 essay about 3 pgs each
I. 5 papers, writing assignments helpful
J. 15 pages required, the "rough drafts" were helpful to turn in
K. We wrote 5 papers and rewrote each one, these assignments were very useful
L. Very useful…5 papers = 13 pages, each with a rewrite plus some responses-30 pages in all
M. 10-15 pages
N. The writing assignments were very useful. We wrote 5 2-3 page papers. We always need to write rough drafts to turn in.
O. 5 papers, 2-3 pages each, rewrites for each-very helpful

3) Did you receive helpful comments on your assignments? Were assignments returned promptly?

A. Yes. Paper comments were especially helpful.
B. Yes, I did
C. Very helpful comments. Able to receive high grades on final paper. Yes; returned promptly
D. Yes
E. Yes
F. Very helpful comments. Prompt return.
G. Yes, yes
H. Yes
I. Yes
J. Yes
K. Yes
L. Yes! Amazingly fast and very helpful… maybe more grammar corrections on the first draft
M. Yes
N. Yes!! Comments were plentiful and always helpful!
O. Yes, always

4) What do you feel are the strengths and/or weaknesses of this course?

A. I think Prof. Barnett was the greatest asset and the course material was interesting. I like a class focused on writing.
B. It is a great course to improve your writing.
C. Strengths: Excellent teacher and resource/ Weaknesses: Sometimes too many handouts to do for homework
D. Important material, just DENSE-be aware
F. Its organized structure
G. I though it was a great class, maybe add a novel to texts
H. lots of reading and writing at the same time
I. Teacher very approachable which made class easier
J. The instructor is very passionate and eager to help us
K. The strengths are the teacher and her ability to make things casual and understandable. The weaknesses were how confusing when things were due got, like when we had to remember what she said in class, look on syllabus, plus remember all the handouts.
L. Strengthen writing, good professor, class interaction; maybe too much work? Helpful but could get overwhelming
M. Strengths: organization of the course, Weakness: requires unproportionately high amount of time compared to other classes
N. This course is very well organized and well structured. I really have no complaints.
O. The nature of the course makes it necessary for us to be writing a paper on one work and reading another

5) What specific suggestions do you have for improving the course?

A. Less homework.
B. Less printouts, I ran out of ink
D. More time talking (maybe in English-God forbid!) to explain the gist of what was going on-at least sometimes
F. None
G. N/A
H. None really
J. 0
K. Everything on syllabus
N. Some of the readings were somewhat depressing. It would be nice to read some more inspirational pieces.
O. None

6) Did you find the course enjoyable? Which aspects? Please comment.

A. Yes. I liked my class (esp. group work), discussions, and I enjoyed the paper writing.
B. Yes, I did, because I had a chance to learn French Lit better.
C. Very enjoyable…Learning style
F. Yes. Nice atmosphere. Great prof.
G. Yes, esp. the professor
H. I like the instructor and the students in my class
I. Yes, enjoy literature
J. Yes, I enjoyed most of the reading material and how the prof made the class interact and become comfortable with each other
K. Yes, I love writing in French and I enjoyed the teacher
L. Yes
M. At first, not at the end. It demands too much time and effort.
N. Yes, the course was very enjoyable. I really like the idea of a small
intimate class in which you can get to know your classmates.
P. Yes, class discussions, group work

7) Would you recommend this course to other students? Why or why not?

A. Yes.
B. Yes, I would because it really helps you improve your writing ability
C. Yes; if they wish to improve their French
D. If they are strong in French only
F. Yes. Great prof.
G. Yes, if they are advanced enough in French and composition writing
H. Yes, it helps you to be a better writer.
I. Yes
J. Yes
K. Yes, because it was useful
L. Yes, with this professor
M. Yes, if they want to major/minor in French. Not as an elective
N. Yes, I loved this course!
O. Yes, I learned a lot, improved my writing

III) Instructor

1) Did the instructor seem knowledgeable about the subject matter?

A. Yes.
B. Yes, she was very good
C. Very much
D. Yes
E. Yes
F. Yes
G. Yes
H. Yes
I. Yes
J. Very much so
K. Yes
L. Yes-well prepared for class each day. At times I felt like she was learning with us instead of just teaching, which was great
M. Yes
N. Yes, very!
O. Yes

2) Did the instructor seem organized, well-prepared and in control of the class?

A. Always.
B. She was very well-prepared
C. Very much
D. Yes
E. Yes
F. Yes!
G. Yes
H. Yes
I. Yes
J. Yes, the syllabus especially
K. Yes
L. Yes
M. Yes
N. Always! I have never had a more organized and well prepared teacher
O. Yes

3) Was the instructor accessible to students outside of class (e.g. during office hours)? Did she seem approachable?

A. Yes. I felt comfortable approaching her and often did.
B. Always
C. Always; even allowed to call at home if she wasn't in her office
D. Yes
E. Yes, very
F. Very accessible
G. Yes, yes
H. Yes
I. Yes
J. Yes
K. Yes very
L. Yes! Very much so
M. Yes
N. The teacher was very approachable and always willing to meet students outside of class
O. Yes

4) To what extent did the instructor help further your interest in the subject?

A. I enjoyed speaking to her during office hours.
B. She helped to understand this new system of writing
C. A lot
D. -
E. Somewhat
F. To a large degree
G. Very much-now I am consider major/minor in French
H. To a fair extent (I was already interested)
I. Very much
J. Very much
K. Very much so
L. Greatly improved my desire to keep working on French
M. Somewhat
N. She really inspired me to major in French
O. Good readings

5) Please comment on the classroom atmosphere fostered by the instructor.

A. Great, friendly.
B. The classroom atmosphere was good.
C. She created a good learning environment
D. I think we were not quite at the level of French she though we should be so it could be difficult to understand
E. Very amiable
F. Very relaxed, conducive to discussion
G. Open, honest, friendly
H. Very close and personal, she knew all our names
I. Very open and comfortable
J. Friendly and welcoming
K. It was very comfortable and easy to learn
L. Very good-communication between students and prof even outside of classroom
M. Intimidating because the comments of certain students seemded to be taken into consideration more so than others. Mases the rest not want to try/appear stupid
N. It was great
O. Pleasant

6) Please comment on what you feel to be the instructor's strengths and/or weaknesses in this course.

A. She was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Sometimes the course expectations (homework, papers, etc.) were overwhelming.
B. She knows very well French culture and French Lit. I don't think she has any strengths [weaknesses?].
C. Strengths: Aided in my comprehension of French lit and grammar Weakness: None
D. She made time to take to you-huge-very important.
F. Well organized. Cares about students
G. Great teacher, wonderful person-best professor I have had at UVa
H. She's very nice, very approachable and grades fairly
I. Very approachable and good at initiating discussions
J. She is very passionate and willing to help you in any ways she can
K. Very approachable and smart
L. Interact with students=main strength
M. Don't pick out "special" students
N. Mme. Barnett is so approachable which makes class so much better
O. She was really helpful