©Marva A. Barnett

It is gratifying that I have been able to teach a variety of French courses and faculty development workshops in several different contexts (including Harvard University, Purdue University, Indiana University at Bloomington, and the University of Virginia). My portfolio focuses on the two courses I have most recently been teaching:

French courses:

  • Victor Hugo: Poète, dramaturge, romancier, critique social, artiste (FREN 355) (numbered FREN 345/493 in 2004); a course taught exclusively in French to students who have completed FREN 332, or the equivalent; includes first-year through fourth-year students
  • The Writing and Reading of Texts (FREN 332, the second course required of U.Va. French majors and minors and prerequisite to most succeeding courses): a composition course that also introduces students to literary text analysis
  • Graduate courses on theories and methods of teaching French (e.g., FREN 701)
  • French language and culture courses, from the elementary 101 level through 300-level advanced grammar, including the development of the intensive intermediate course (FREN 232) at U.Va.
  • Intensive, near-immersion summer language courses that included students living in French Houses

Faculty development courses, workshops, and consultations:

  • professional development workshops for colleagues at other institutions and at professional conferences, including the following disparate audiences and topics:
    • high-school and university language teachers on various aspects of teaching a foreign language, most especially on reading, writing, and teaching students with learning disabilities
    • faculty and teaching assistants from many academic disciplines on such topics as leading discussions, developing critical-thinking skills, using cooperative learning, teaching interactively, promoting students' responsibility, teaching in the library
    • workshops currently offered
    • workshops offered in the past
  • consultations with individual faculty and TAs through the Teaching Resource Center
  • In-service workshops and courses for middle- and high-school French, Spanish, and German teachers, for example, the "Institut intensif de français, langue fondamentale," offered through the U.Va. Center for the Liberal Arts.