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Meaning Out of Madness: Comprehending in a Foreign Language
Workshop Announcement
Marva A. Barnett, Director and Professor, Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia
Faculty, Department of French

The complex nature of reading in a foreign language requires a set of effective strategies.

What will you do in this workshop?

  • experience what it is like to read in a language you don't know
  • recognize strategies you use to read something difficult
  • experience some recommended reading strategies

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • You will learn basic aspects of second language reading, including these:
    • how grammar, vocabulary, and meaning interact
    • how language and cognition lead to comprehension
    • how background knowledge, or schemata, play role
    • how important problem-solving skills are
  • You will get proven techniques for helping students learn to read effectively.
  • You will consider how to apply new ideas to your courses.