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Thinking Reflectively in the Humanities: A Cross-Cultural Study
Workshop Announcement
Marva A. Barnett, Director and Professor, Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia
Faculty, Department of French

What do we mean by “effective thinking”?
How are our understandings colored by our own education and culture?

These questions underlie this ongoing study of what Americans, French, and English value as effective thinking. Answers have prompted a view of “reflective thinking” in the humanities that combines elements of both critical and creative thinking.

What will happen this workshop?
We will consider these aspects of reflective thinking:

  • inquiry
  • self-reflection
  • personal opinion
  • interactions between critical and creative thinking
  • the relative importance of structure versus spontaneity

Participants will learn some similarities and differences between what America, French, and English academics tend to value as effective thinking. Using this information, you can reconsider your perspectives about effective thinking and role of reflective thinking in your discipline and in your teaching.

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • A clearer idea about what you value as effective thinking
  • An awareness of diverse ways in which thinking is valued
  • A more conscious appreciation of effective ways to teach thinking
  • Handouts with techniques for teaching reflective thinking skills, focusing on writing as a means of clarifying thinking