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Working on Writing
Workshop Announcement
Marva A. Barnett, Director and Professor, Teaching Resource Center, University of Virginia
Faculty, Department of French

Writing well is a great intellectual challenge.
How can we teach students to write meaningfully, coherently, persuasively in a foreign language?

This workshop can be designed for teachers teaching intermediate- or advanced-level language, literature, and/or writing courses and can emphasize various aspects of the writing and grading process.

Depending on the focus of the workshop, participants might . . .

  • share ideas and concerns about assigning writing
  • examine why people write and what students learn by writing
  • discuss why writing, even in one’s first language, is difficult
  • consider why it is valuable to teach writing as a process
  • and grading students’ writing

What will participants gain, depending, of course, on workshop focus?

  • techniques for engaging students in caring about their writing
  • ways to develop students’ writing skills
  • pre-writing (including brainstorming, free writing, semantic mapping)
  • teaching structure, approaches to writing
    • draft writing
    • peer-editing
    • self-editing
  • methods for grading final drafts effectively and efficiently