Dual Modality Tomosynthesis

XBT and MBIT Slices
X-ray breast tomosynthesis (XBT) slice. The corresponding molecular breast imaging tomosynthesis MBIT slice can be seen in color intensity scale by hovering your cursor over the image.
Local High Contrast in MBIT Slices
Identification of regions of high local radiotracer concentration contrast (shown in color intensity scale when your cursor is placed over the image).

Merged XBT and MBIT Slices

X-ray tomosynthesis slice with regions of interest drawn based on interrogation of corresponding molecular imaging tomosynthesis slice for regions of high local contrast.
Raw Gamma Image
Raw Gamma Full FOV
Raw image obtained from flooding DMT scanner gamma camera. The 3 x 4 array of position sensitive photomultipliers (each 5 cm x 5 cm) is visible, as are each of the individual NaI(Tl) crystals (2.2 mm crystal pitch) A zoomed portion is shown if you put your cursor above the image.
Case 7 Animated Slices

Video going slice by slice through a medio-lateral oblique DMT study (click on the image to see a video in which the MBIT and XBT slices are viewed in synchrony). The region of high tracer uptake in the lower part of the breast was infiltrating ductal carcinoma. The region near the top was a positive axillary lymph node.

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DMT Scanner

Photograph of the dual modality tomosynthesis (DMT) scanner, located in the University of Virginia Breast Care Center. The scanner performs x-ray breast tomosynthesis (XBT) and molecular imaging breast tomosynthesis (MBIT) with the breast in a single configuration under mild compression. Preliminary studies suggest that the addition of MBIT to XBT can improve negative predictive value, specificity, and overall accuracy [Radiology 2010; 255(1):191-198].

Incidental Finding