Introperative Multimodal Imaging

6 cm Diameter Silicon Photmultiplier Gamma Camera
6 cm SiPM camera
Photograph of the top surface of a gamma camera with a 6 cm diameter field of view. The camera is based on silicon photomultipliers and is light enough to be hand held, or it can be attached to an adjustable arm.
Sentinel Lymph Node Imaging
Mel54Case9Preop6cmMGC Mel54Case9PostSLN1_6cmMGC
Images obtained with the 6 cm SiPM camera before (left) and after (right) the excision of a single sentinel lymph node (SLN). The left image shows 4 SLNs. In the right image, the excision of one of the SLNs allows a fifth, deeply seated node to be visualized. The 5th node was not appreciated preoperatively by either the large clinical gamma camera or a smaller mobile gamma camera. This is an example of the value of intraoperative imaging.

Measuring Activity of Excised Node

Node activity from SiPM MGC
Use of the SiPM gamma camera to measure the activity of an excised sentinel lymph node. The camera's specially built parallel hole collimator can be seen through the sterile plastic drape surrounding the camera.
Craig 12.5 cm drapedCraig preop extended arm

Together with UVa surgeons and collaborators from the Jefferson Lab and West Virginia University, we are exploring the use of new types of small format imaging devices for use in surgical guidance. Some areas in which intaoperative visualization can be of value are tumor localization, evaluation of the extent of tumor margins, and detection and localization of lymph nodes. Imaging can be done both pre-operatively immediately before surgery and intra-operatively during the surgical procedure itself. Cameras can be arm-mounted or hand-held. The photographs below show Dr. Craig Slingluff utilizing an arm-mounted mobile gamma camera intraoperatively (left) and preoperatively (right).

Sentinel Node Biopsy Using 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm Mobile Gamma Camera
Mel50 Case 6 preop and post SLN1 excision
Preoperative image of two sentinel lymph nodes obtained using 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm mobile gamma camera (pictured in the photos at the top of the page). To see an image obtained following excision of one node, position your cursor above the image.

Dr. Slingluff using 6 cm SiPM camera with acquisition workstation in foreground

Dr. Slingluff using 6 cm SiPM camera with acquisition workstation in foreground
6 cm handheld SiPM camera draped and in use


6 cm handheld SiPM camera draped and in use