Mark B. Williams
Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging, Biomedical Engineering, and Physics
Interests: Development of novel multimodality medical imaging systems

Kosta Popovic
6th year Physics PhD student
Interests: Development and clinical evaluation of multimodal imaging systems for intraoperative surgical guidance

Zongyi Gong
4th year Physics PhD student
Interests: Image reconstruction using mathematically incomplete projection data obtained using unique acquisition geometries

Tushita Patel
3rd year Physics PhD student
Interests: Breast cancer detection and characterization, Image system modeling, Intraoperative imaging

Kelly Klanian
2nd year Biomedical Engineering PhD student
Interests: Dual modality tomosynthesis breast imaging

Olivia Sullivan
4th year Undergraduate Chemistry and Physics double major
Interests: Molecular breast imaging, dual modality breast tomosynthesis


Our lab group accepting the award for the best poster in the Health and Biosciences Division during the inauguration ceremonies for UVa President Teresa Sullivan, April 2011. From left to right: Olivia Sullivan, Patty Judy, Kelly Klanian, Tushita Patel, Zongyi Gong, President Sullivan, Mark Williams.