Edward Jongyoon Lee
Bio:Born April 7th 1983 and raised Lutherville, MD.  Ed went to Dulaney High School and is currently a third year undergraduate majoring in Biochemistry and Economics.  He is content spending time watching TV, listening to music, and doing nothing.

Spinning music



Ed checking his e-mail while enjoying his favorite thing in life, candy.

Research Project

Current Research involves the synthesis of ally-galactosamine dervivatives for incorparation into glycopeptide synthesis.  Starting with commercially availible galactosamine, per-acetylation and anomeric substitution has been completed on large scale.  Several intermediates for oligosaccharide synthesis has also been obtained in large quantities (see figure).  These glycosides will be used in the synthesis of di and trisaccharide units for incorparation into peptides.