VilasJay Jacktong
Born in Fairfax, Virginia and raised in Springfield, Virginia.  Jaysun attended Northern Virginia Community College and Geoge Mason for 2 years before tranfering to UVa with an interest in microbiology.  However, with time, Jason developed an interest in chemistry and now has a double major of biochemistry and biology.

Billards and snow-skiing



Jaysun busy completing his reaction work-up.

Research Project 

Current synthesis of enantiomerically pure allyl-glycine involves the lengthy use of chiral auxillaries and asymmetric allylation.  A possible alternative to this synthesis could be realized in the reduction, oxidation, and vinylation of protected aspartic acid (see scheme below).  This synthesis could also be completed for glutamic acid to obtain homo-allylglycine as well.  Since these compounds have often been used in olefin metathesis, it is envisioned that (through other variations of the Wittig reaction) non-terminal olefinic amino acids can be synthesized and studies in olefin cross metathesis.  This methodology can then also be applied to solid phase glycopeptide synthesis.