Bahar Alawi

Bahar's CV

Born in 1982, Bahar has lived in Northern Virginia for the past 20 years.  She was in the graduating class of 2000 from Hayfield Secondary.  Bahar is currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry with specialization in Biochemistry.

Enjoys spending time with friends and roommates.  Quality time is best spent with food and a movie!

Love Interest:
Isabelle, my new car.



Bahar forced to pose for the camera

Research Project

Current work involves the synthesis of orthogonally protected glycoamino acids for incorporation into solid phase glycopeptide synthesis.  Selective protection of the carbohydrate allows for directed synthesis of oligosaccharides within a peptide sequence.  The protecting groups must have cleavage procedures that are compatible with standard Fmoc solid phase chemistry.  The development of this methodology will aid in the synthesis of complex oligosaccharide cancer vaccines without any loss of the valuable glycopeptide component.