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Born in 1980, Dan was raised in Hamilton, NJ. Began organic chemistry in 1997 when he synthesized a series of binuclear and trinuclear Mn pyrazolyl borate complexes at Rider University. He then went to Rider University for undergraduate (1998-2002) and obtained a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. Along the way he spent summers at BetzDearborne in Trevose, Pa (1999), as a REU student at UVa (2000), then at Wyeth in Princeton, NJ (2001) and then again in Pearl River, NY (2002). His undergraduate research was focused on the synthesis of novel poly-substituted pyrroles for anti-cancer and hypolipidimic use.


Playing sports, watching sports, spending time with friends and family

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Dan working diligently at his hood


Development of Diastereoselective C-linked Glycosides

Methodologies that have been reported by Crich and Kahne have demonstrated a means for the stereoselective synthesis of N-linked and O-linked glycosides from inexpensive and readily available starting materials.  We are anticipating that this methodology may be exploited to stereoselectively synthesize C-glycosides from a common sulfoxide precursor by varying the reaction conditions. The methodology developed will be tested for various common saccharides.

Once developed, the methodology will be applied to the synthesis of specific glycopeptides and glycolipids that have been targeted due to their over-expression on various types of cancer cell membranes.  The C-linked glycoconjugate derivatives will be tested for immune response; the ultimate objective being the development of effective carbohydrate based anti-tumor vaccines.