The laboratory is equipped with a range of instruments that allow us to probe the catalytic, structural and electrochemical properties of fuel cell materials. We cover the range from novel material synthesis to the manufacture of working fuel cells.

New equipment is continually being added to the laboratory. Since January 2006 we have installed facilities for mass spectrometry, thermal gravimetric analysis, gas chromatography, AC impedance analysis and tape-casting. In addition, we have a range of high temperature furnaces, multiple fuel cell test systems, a wet chemsitry area for materials fabrication and a number of new PCs.

We also utlize the facilities available in the Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering and the range of facilities available in the Material Science and Engineering Department.

Ph.D. student Andrew Vance carefully adjusts the ultrasonic spray pyrolysis system.

Undegraduate student Michael Bruce monitors the fuel supply to his fuel cell.

Andrew Vance mixes and weighs material to form a SOFC anode.

The fuel cells undergo multiple thermal cycles during fabrication. Here a cell sits at 700oC inside one of our furnaces.

These furnaces have maximum operating temperatures between 1300oC and 1700oC

You can also see how much fun the students have in the McIntosh group here.