MAE461/462 Mechanical Design Capstone Project

This project involved coordination of the efforts of twenty-one student engineers, all working on different aspects of the same product. Consequently, considerable effort had to be expended on organization. The class was structured as four technical groups and then had an oversight body in the form of a board of directors.
Group Purpose Members Role
Board of Directors Process oversight Will GoodrumCEO
Jon KassoffCOO
Johan YavariCFO
Mike ColemanCIO
Trevor WesolowskiCTO
Chassis Design and construct the integrating platform that supports lift, controls, and thrust Marc Heiselteam leader
Josh Heim 
Luke Scruby 
Alex Sohn 
Johan Yavari 
Lift System Design and construct the lift fan and drive system, analyze duct requirements for chassis, design and construct the skirt system, determine lift fan engine control requirements Brady Bolton Team leader
Matt Federici 
Mark Hopke 
Drew Michelotti 
Ryan O'Grady 
Eric Zettervall 
Thrust System Design and construct the thrust fan and drive system, determine thrust fan engine control requirements, design and construct the rudder system for thrust vectoring, design and construct thrust module structure Dave Adelman Team leader
Jon Kassoff 
Arthur Orton  
Trevor Wesolowski  
Evan Van Ness  
Control System Design and construct control systems for the rudders, thrust, and lift engines. Mike Coleman Team leader
James Clarke  
Will Goodrum  
Nate Grady  
Mike Jones