WADES 2016 Schedule

April 8, 2016, Center for Global Development

8:30-8:50:  Breakfast

8:50 am:  Welcome:  Justin Sandefur, CGD.

9 am:  “A Firm of One’s Own:  Experimental Evidence on Credit Constraints and Occupational Choice.”  Andrew Brudevold, Maddalena Honorati, Pamela Jakiela (UMD), and Owen Ozier

9:50 am:  How Sustainable are Benefits from Extension for Smallholder Women Farmers?  Evidence from a Reverse-Randomized Control Trial.”  Vida Bobic, (GW).

10:30 am:  Discussion of “How Sustainable are Benefits from Extension for Smallholder Women Farmers?”  Katrina Kosec, (IFPRI)

10:40:  Coffee

11:00:  “Women’s Political Participation in the Aftermath of Civil War:  Evidence from Peru”  Omar Garcia-Ponce (CGD).

11:50: “Peer Effects and Enrollment Decisions in Rural India”  Cait Brown (Georgetown)

12:30:  Discussion of Peer Effects and Enrollment Decisions, Isaac Mbiti (UVA)

12:40:  Lunch

1:30:  “Teacher Autonomy or Scripted Lesson Plans?  A Randomized Evaluation of Three Government Policies Aimed at Improving Early-Grade Reading in South Africa.” Jacobus Cilliers (Georgetown)

2:20:  “How Coethnicity Moderates the Effect of Information on Voting Behavior:  Experimental Evidence from Benin.”  Clair Adida, Jessica Gottlieb, Eric Kramon (GW), Gwyneth McClendon.

3:10  Coffee

3:30 “Measuring and Addressing Market Power issues in the Market for Desludging Services in Dakar, Senegal,”  Jean-Francois Houde, Terence Johnson, Molly Lipscomb (UVA), Laura Schechter.

4:20:  “Impact of Violence on Individual Risk Preferences.”  Pamela Jakiela and Owen Ozier (WB).

5:10:  Reception

The Washington Area Development Economics Symposium (WADES) is an annual research conference which highlights academic work from researchers at leading economics institutions in development economics in the Washington DC area.  Researchers from George Washington University, University of Maryland, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Virginia, the World Bank, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), American University, George Mason University, and the Center for Global Development are all participants in the symposium.

WADES 2016 will be hosted at the Center for Global Development, in collaboration with the University of Virginia’s Department of Economics and the Batten Global Policy Center.  Please contact Molly Lipscomb (UVA) or Justin Sandefur (CGD) with any questions.   Please contact Amanda Leverett (aleverett@cgdev.org) or Shoshana Griffith (sgriffith@poverty-action.org) with any administrative questions.