Dr. Michal Sabat, Laboratory Director

Phone: (434)-924-7862

E-mail: ms5c@virginia.edu

Created in 1990, the laboratory deals with all aspects of molecular structure by employing both experimental techniques, such as X-ray crystallography, and the methods of computational chemistry, including molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics and quantum chemical calculations.

The laboratory consists of two units:

The X-ray diffraction facility

The molecular modeling laboratory

Above: Structure of a (G.A)15 DNA hairpin. Molecular dynamics calculations (AMBER 6) were performed by Michael Keller, who is currently researching the effects of zinc (II) on the stability of various DNA hairpins. Above: Structure of a platinated DNA G.GC triplex. Molecular dynamics calculations (AMBER 5) were performed by Evan Kransdorf, presently in the MD/PhD program at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.



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