Current News

September 2002

The members of the 2002 Molecular Structure Research Group have started their work, and we are looking forward to a great year.

Mike Keller graduated with Highest Distinction from the Department of Chemistry. He is presently pursuing his research in the Molecular Genetics Department, UVA School of Medicine.

June 2002

The hot Virginia summer is not slowing us down! In fact, we are getting many interesting results, thanks to our four REU students:

Sara Higgins, Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA

Marilise Hyacinth, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA

Mike Keller, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Casey Micale, University of Wisconsin - River Falls

May 2002

Mike Keller received a prestigious undergraduate fellowship award from the GlaxoSmithKline company for his project "Molecular Structure and Properties of Zinc-Induced (G.A) DNA Hairpins." This grant will allow Michael to continue his research during the summer of 2002. Congratulations!

Our undergraduate research group will be expanding. In addition to the present members, Greg Broughton, Alice Hang and Sang Park, the following undergraduate researchers will be joining the group in the fall: Scott Geyer, Olivia Gilbert, Anh Ho, Janeen Oberlander, Jenny Owens, Stan Parish, and Esi Yarney. With such a powerful group, we anticipate tons of exciting results!

April 2002

Mike Keller and Alicia Douglas, our research associate from Bridgewater College, presented at the ACS Undergraduate Research Poster Session on April 26th at the University of Virginia. Mike's poster was titled "Molecular Structure of a d(GA)15 DNA Hairpin through Molecular Dynamics," and Alicia's poster was on "The Sequence Selectivity of Cadmium Binding to DNA."

January 2002

Continuing our best tradition, Michael Keller received the 2002 David Harrison III Award for Undergraduate Research for his project, "Formation and Stability of DNA Hairpins." Congratulations and good luck to Michael!

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November 2001

Congratulations to Greg Broughton who was invited to present his research on CdS nanoclusters at the 1st Harrison Award Symposium.

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