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General philosophy

Several principles guide my approach to consultations, including:

  • reassure the instructor that our interactions are completely voluntary, our conversations are confidential and that the consultation process is not evaluative in nature
  • understand the specific needs and concerns of the instructor by listening intently and asking clarifying questions
  • collect the most meaningful and accurate information possible
  • shift the instructor’s perspective and open up new possibilities by asking provocative, powerful questions
  • provide up-to-date resources which are relevant and useful
  • trust the instructor both to recognize and shape his or her own teaching improvement efforts


Consultation types provided

One-on-One Consultation: One-on-one consultations are generally informal conversations which may be on a wide range of topics, from general teaching issue to specific classroom challenges.

Teaching Analysis Poll: The Faculty Consultant polls an instructor’s students mid-semester about their perceptions of the course.  The brief face-to-face consultation with the instructor centers on the students’ feedback and how to respond to it.

Videotape Analysis:  The Faculty Consultant discusses with an instructor a videotape one of his/her classes. The discussion focuses on what works well and what could be improved.

In-Class Observation:  The Faculty Consultant consults with an instructor about one of his/her classes, which is observed by the consultant.

Large-Group Information/Consultation Session: These are often resource information sessions but also include small or large group meeting facilitations.


Consultations conducted per type (total=169):      

Large-Group Information/Consultation Sessions: I’ve conducted 15 sessions to over 300 faculty and graduate assistants.


Sample comments (unsolicited)

Thank you very much for all the thoughtful suggestions and the GREAT questions that stimulated my thinking about my courses.  It was worth a cold walk across grounds!

Thank you very much for the feedback.  You really have a way of helping me honor and value my discipline as a resource and inspiration for my teaching.

Thanks again for your thoughtful debriefing – I left my seminar for the first time in a few weeks feeling invigorated rather than depressed.