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a professional portfolio


This professional portfolio describes and documents my teaching and administrative responsibilities as a Faculty Consultant at the University of Virginia Teaching Resource Center. My primary responsibilities as a Faculty Consultant include teaching within my discipline, the design and presentation of interactive workshops, individualized consultations with faculty and graduate student instructors, design, implementation and administration of professional development programs, and participation in teaching-related committee work.  I strive to situate each of these responsibilities squarely within a teaching framework:  I teach students to think within a discipline, I teach workshop participants ways to become more effective teachers; I teach those I consult with ways to create classroom environments that are exciting to them and meaningful to their students; I teach graduate students ways to prepare for successful academic careers; I teach fellow committee members ways to utilize educational research to inform the decisions we make.  How I do so for each responsibility, along with examples/summaries of the evidence supporting my claims, are found by following the links on the left.