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General philosophy

The following goals provide a framework for each of the workshops I design and implement, regardless of topic:

  • ground the content in the educational literature, support it by research when appropriate, and augment it through personal experience
  • create an atmosphere which fosters group discussion and promotes self-reflection
  • actively engage the participants using effective teaching strategies
  • explicitly model the ideas I’m trying to convey




Total workshops presented:                      40
   Number of participants:                         750+
   Average participant rating:               4.53/5.00
   Range of participant ratings:            4.05-4.90

   Workshops presented per year:


Workshop topics

  Active learning    Collaborative learning
  Course design   Teaching Portfolios
  Grading    Assessment
  Student evaluations   Teaching with technology
  Large course management   Reflective teaching statements
  Critical thinking   Discussion leading
  Difficult classroom situations  


Intensive, multi-day workshops

Course Design Institute with Deandra Little and Marva Barnett (rating 4.88/5.00; 22 participants)

The Teaching Portfolio: Analyzing and Documenting Your Teaching with Deandra Little (rating, 4.60/5.00, 23 participants)


Sample comments (unsolicited)

Very effective in engaging the audience and making them feel comfortable.

Michael was excellent – well-prepared, engaging, responsive, full of interesting ideas.

He very well facilitated “active learning” in this session.  Had everyone engaged.  Used good examples.  Understood his audience.

Very effective at guiding the discussion and presenting interesting topics for consideration.

Presenter was very well-prepared; more importantly, practiced what he preached by listening to class feedback.

We did what we were learning about!