Neurobiological and Behavioral Development Training Program

The NBD Training Program is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development. The purpose of the program is to provide postdoctoral training for highly qualified individuals holding an MD and/or Ph.D. degree and with a commitment to investigate nervous system development through the use of integrated conceptual and methodological approaches. To foster interactions between neurobiological and behavioral sub-disciplines, we have formed a core of faculty preceptors whose research programs are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to problems in neurobiology and/or behavior. This group exists within a diverse Neuroscience environment that includes clinical, basic science and Arts and Sciences components. Postdoctoral trainees can select a preceptor or co-preceptors to direct a program of research. In addition to laboratory research endeavors, trainees participate in a regular NBD seminar series and many enroll in formal courses as appropriate,


Peter Brunjes( Sensory Development and Plasticity

George Bloom ( Cell Trafficking in Development

Barry Condron ( Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Development

Jeffrey Corwin( Sensory Development and Regeneration

Judy Deloache ( Cognitive Development

Alev Erisir ( Visual Development and Plasticity

Robert Grainger ( Inductive Interactions in Development

David Hill ( Sensory Development and Regeneration

Rick Horwitz ( Cell Guidance and Synapse Formation

Raymond Keller (rek3k@ Early Neural Morphogenesis

Kevin Lee ( Cortical Development

Angeline Lillard ( Cognitive Development

DeForest Mellon ( Arthropod Development

Kevin Pfister ( Axonal Transport

Emilie Rissman( Sexual Differentiation

Jeremy Tuttle ( Trophic Interactions

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