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The source code takes in the models from the source journals (the bottom list of links) and uses the parameters listed per-nuclei (provided under the 'Parameter Table' links next to each program) within a c++ script to generate the models you see on the plot page.

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General-Dist .zip Source Code Parameter Table
Fourier-Bessel .zip Source Code Parameter Table
Sum of Gaussian .zip Source Code Parameter Table

Below is gnuplot-friendly tables of data, for each of the eight models used in modeling ρ(r) vs. r. Included within each are rows with the Z and A-values for each nuclei:

Harmonic Oscillator: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
Modified Harmonic Oscillator: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
2-Parameter Fermi: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
3-Parameter Fermi: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
2-Parameter Gaussian: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
3-Parameter Gaussian: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
Fourier Bessel: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)
Sum of Gaussian: ρ(r) (A/Z)*ρ(r)

And here are the sources we used as a basis to generate the graphs. Note that the 'Parameter Table' files above use shorthand directly corresponding to the source journals

All Sources
Nuclear Data Tables - 1974
Nuclear Data Tables - 1987
Nuclear Data Tables - 1995