Nuclei Charge Density Archive - Charge Radii

In addition to the data we have provided on other pages of this website, we also have data regarding the rms charge radii for several hundred nuclei. This data, taken from a 2004 paper (download link at the bottom of the page), takes in data from numerous publications and discusses the techniques and methods behind determining the rms value for atomic nuclei. Note that, for the paper, and thus in the data files, R is set as shorthand for the rms value, defined as < r2 >1/2

The data is provided in two formats. The first is in a gnuplot-ready text file, with the following column format:

N Z Element A R(fm)

The second format is in a .xls file. This file contains two additional columns:

ΔtotR ΔrelR

The last two columns are, respectively, the total error of R (both systematic and experimental errors), and the relative error of R with respect to the radius of the reference isotope. These errors are explained in more detail in the PDF.


Sample Plot: N/P vs. Avg Charge Densitiy


Click to download this image in .pdf form

Density Formula: ρ = (0.75*A/π)/((5/3)*< r2 >)^1.5

(Note that his formula approximates the shape of the nuclei as a uniform sphere with a constant charge density. Because of this approximation, the resultant <r2>1/2 is off from measured values by a factor of sqrt(5/3). In practice, more complex methods are used to more accurately model the nuclei - see the 2004 pdf link above)