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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. -How do I make my classroom more interactive?

  2. -What do I want to accomplish?

  3. -How do I play music in the classroom?


I>Clicker: A venue where students can instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by their instructors.

Powerpoint: A Microsoft application for creating presentations, speeches, slides and more. Learn how to create a synched podcast with Panopto based on your lecture!

Skype/Gmail Video and Voice: Skype and Gmail video and voice are free software that allow users to make telephone calls and participate in video conferencing via the internet.

Collab: A comprehensive online collaboration and learning environment. It is designed to enable research and administrative collaboration across the board.

Panopto: a lecture capture and streaming too. Create a podcast of your lecture, meeting or workshop and upload it to collab!