Application to Graduate

I will need to certify that you have completed the major before you graduate. Please bring the following with you when you meet with me for this:

Major summary worksheets

Requirement summary worksheet (Government)

Requirement summary worksheet (Foreign Affairs)

I have put together these worksheets to summarize the requirements for the major. You may find the relevant one (Government or Foreign Affairs) helpful in planning your progress through the major. While they attempt to summarize the requirements, please remember that they do not represent authoritative statements of the rules.

Other Helpful information for Politics Department Advisees

List of approved courses for the Foreign Affairs Area requirement.

A few additional courses that count for the Africa region.

Department of Politics Website

Politics Department Undergraduate Program Page

Government Major Requirements Page

Foreign Affairs Major Requirements Page

Politics Major FAQ

Lou Bloomfield's unofficial (but easier-to-use) course listing page

Politics-department only version of Lou Bloomfield's course page