help for ^tablecol^                                                Nick Winter

Column percentages with ^table^ -----------------------------

^tablecol^ rowvar [colvar [supercolvar]] [weight] [^if^ exp] [^in^ ran > ge] [^,^ ^c^ontents^(^clist^)^ ^by(^superrow_varlist^)^ ^cw^ ^ > row^ ^col^ ^sc^ol ^colpct^ ^nof^req ^o^verall ^f^ormat^(%^fmt^)^ ^cen^ter ^l^eft ^con^cise ^m^issing > ^replace^ ^n^ame^(^string^)^ ^cell^width^(^#^)^ ^csep^width^(^#^) > ^ ^scsep^width^(^#^)^ ^stub^width^(^#^)^ ]

rowvar, colvar, and supercolvar may be numeric or string variables.

Elements of clist may only be ^freq^; ^contents(freq)^ is assumed if ^contents( > )^ is not specified. Specify ^nofreq^ to suppress frequencies.

^fweight^s, ^pweight^s, ^aweight^s, and ^iweight^s are allowed; see help @weigh > ts@.

Description -----------

^tablecol^ is a wrapper program for ^table^ which adds column percentages to the output. Essentially this provides the functionality of the ^column^ option of the ^tabulate^ command, along with the ability to specify supercolumns in table.

Options -------

^colpct^ specifies that column percentages are to be displayed.

^nofreq^ suppresses display of cell frequencies.

^contents(^clist^)^ specifies what to tabulate.

Elements of ^clist^ may be

^freq^ (for frequency)

^sum^ varname (for sum) ^rawsum^ varname (for sums ignoring optionally specified weight)

^count^ varname (for count of nonmissing observations){p_end} ^n^ varname (same as count)

^contents(freq)^ is assumed if ^contents()^ is not specified. Only one element may be specified in ^clist^.

^overall^ indicates that column percentages are to be calculated in terms of the table as a whole. By default, percentages are calculated within super-rows. If by(varlist) is not specified, this option has no effect.

All other options are the same as for ^table^. See help @table@.

Examples --------

. ^tablecol rep78 foreign, colpct^ . ^tablecol rep78 foreign, colpct row col^ . ^tablecol mpg rep78 foreign, colpct row^

Author ------

Nick Winter Cornell University nwinter@@umich.edu

Also see --------

Manual: ^[R] table^ On-line: help for @table@, @tabulate@