Jin Li















Hi, my name is Jin Li. I joined this lab in Nov. 2002. I am the first graduate student in this lab. I was born on the other side of the earth, China.  My hometown is probably one of the oldest cities in the world, called Luoyang. My research here mainly focuses on the rheological behavior and microstructure of the nanoscale organoclay network in polystyrene solutions. Now, I am a fifth-year graduate student and plan to earn my Ph.D. in this May. Besides working, I like playing tennis in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. I am a music fan and used to be a lead singer and bass player in an Chinese Rock n Roll band. Traveling is definitely a life-long hobby, as I greatly enjoy it.

M.S. University of Virginia (2005)

B.S. Tianjin University, China (2001)


Tel: 434-924-4489

Email: lijin@virginia.edu

Advanced Nanostructured Fluids and Polymer Processing

Oberhauser Research Group

Mark Treece















I began graduate school at UVA in the fall of 2003.  I currently have a B.S. (2002) and a M.S. (2003) degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University.  My research involves studying the rheology and crystallization dynamics of polypropylene-clay nanocomposite systems.  I also currently serve as an officer on the CHE Graduate Board in the department.  My three summers of internship (2001-03) at Eastman Chemical Company in the polymers division, combined with the influence of my dads chemical engineering career helped inspire my passion for polymer science.  During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, participating in church fellowship, and of course cheering on the Wolfpack in football and basketball!

M.S. North Carolina State University (2003)

B.S.  North Carolina State University (2002)


Tel: 434-924-4489

Email: mat4k@virginia.edu

Matt Hodgson
















I am currently in my third year of graduate studies here at the University of Virginia.  I am originally from Michigan, where I received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University.  The project I am working on with my advisor -Jim Oberhauser- is aimed at a more fundamental understanding of polymer-nanotube interactions via a polyisoprene-nanotube system.  In my spare time I enjoy hiking, sports, being outdoors in general.  Reading and writing are up there on the list of quality activities.  Perelandra by Lewis would be one of my top book recommendations.  Im especially grateful for being able to be involved in a local church fellowship.

B.S. Michigan State University (2003)


Tel: 434-924-4489

Email: mjh9e@virginia.edu

Jeremy Fowler
















I began my graduate study at UVA in the fall of 2005. I earned my B.S. in chemical engineering at the University of Florida in 2004. My research is focused on the wetting phenomena of immiscible polymer blends which are compatibilized with block co-polymer. The unique blend of rheology and surface science gives me the opportunity to be co-advised by Mr.Green and Mr. Oberhauser. This research will begin in May 2006.When not in the lab I enjoy playing acoustic and electric guitar, hockey, soccer and reading political commentary.

B.S. University of Florida (2004)


Tel: 434-924-7168

Email: jnf6c@virginia.edu