The mini-extruder shear device is a custom built apparatus designed and built for studying flow-induced crystallization of polymer systems.  The system is designed to force polymer through a thin gap, and simultaneously monitor in-situ intensity and birefringence with a laser/polarizer setup.  The flow cartridge is removable, to probe crystal structure ex-situ, using microscopy techniques. 

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Mini-Extruder Shear Device

The simultaneous birefringence-dichroism measurement offers a means to determine both the optical anisotropy of dilute and entangled polymer solutions and the suspended particle orientation independently of the polymeric suspending fluids. The simultaneous Birefringence-Dicchroism apparatus emulates the design of Fuller¡¯s group at Stanford University in 1985 [Johnson, Frattini and Fuller, J. Coll. Int. Sci, 1985].

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Simultaneous Birefringence-dichroism Apparatus

The circular Couette flow cell was fabricated by Kineoptics (Slidell, LA).  The flow cell consists of two coaxial cylinders. The inner cylinder is stationary and removable with diameter of 45mm. The rotating outer cylinder with diameter of 47mm is driven by a micro-stepper motor with a Gemini controller provided by Parker Hannifin Corp. By rotating outer cylinder, inertial flow instabilities are suppressed.[Drazin and Reid,(1985)].

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Couette Flowcell with Micro-stepper Compu-Motor

A FTIR spectrometer is used in conjunction with a linear polarizer, PEM, and flow cell to extract dichroism data from a polymer composite sample subjected to simple shear flows.  The use of modulated broadband infrared allows one to track individual chemical moieties, allowing one to gain an understanding of the molecular physics of the material studied.  The spectrometer used in these studies is a Digilab FTS 7000 series with step-scan and DSP[Digital Signal Processing] capabilities.

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