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International Residential College
1-100 Mary Munford
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Office: 434-924-7767
Fax: 434-924-3828

Marga Odahowski is Director of Studies for the International Residential College (IRC).  At the IRC she works with student leaders and other faculty to create a community where students feel welcomed, supported and able to explore and expand their thinking.  Working in collaboration creating conversation and dialogue are key to her work in assisting students learn to live intentionally.  She encourages students to listen deeply and share stories.  Marga provides leadership training to the IRC student leaders, teaches a University First Year Seminar course, offers Go Slow events and coordinates the IRC Travel & Learn Course. 

Bringing the Go Slow philosophy into the classroom, the 2007 IRC Travel & Learn class, INST 231 Life, Mind and Society, introduces students to the concepts of ecoliteracy and mindfulness through slow food, slow travel and slowing down.  This year's class will travel to Greece and New Mexico. 

In our fast paced culture it seems counter intuitive to slow down in order to get more accomplished.  Yet, research has demonstrated the benefits of training the mind as an effective means to handle the complexity of today's world.  When we have a quiet mind we have the capacity to focus, engage fully and enjoy each moment. 

Marga has taught the McIntire School of Commerce and the Darden School of Business.