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Many faculty, staff and students have been working creatively and often quietly by themselves in their quest to create a compassionate pedagogy using Mindfulness practices in their curriculum and program designs. These initiatives employ the practical application of mindfulness practices to enhance teacher training, curriculum development and leadership skills. Internationally, our peers in higher education are working to establish a new direction in education. This movement is described as holistic, integrated, transformational, compassionate, inclusive, cross-cultural and dynamic incorporating among many things mindfulness. The improvement of teaching and learning in universities is an important matter. Its purpose is not only to provide students with a pleasant and rewarding educational experience, but to prepare them to take charge of their own learning and to embrace the joy in fully participating and creating a caring and cooperative society.

Dialogues for Mindfulness in Higher Education
Creating an opportunity for leaders in Mindfulness Education to connect is the charge of The Dialogues for Mindfulness in Higher Education. Universities are the finishing school of our future leaders providing them with distinct and experiential opportunities that will allow them to move forward and create a compassionate world.

Many individuals from various disciples have begun work to create a new wave of Mindfulness in Education. These individuals whom I named “Compassion Generators” are working to develop mindfulness curriculum in all levels of education. We live in the world of relationship. Through the process of connecting in conversation and dialogue we can offer new possibilities for the future of education. Compassion Generators are people who are changing the way they look at the world and their enthusiasm is creating a wave of sustainable change in education that supports the mind, body and hearts of our children.

It makes for an interesting conversation when a Wall Street corporate executive, college professor, actor, and scientist sit down together with the intention of simply creating a better world for our children through education. If you want to be a part of this conversation contact me. We will begin meeting in October for brown bag lunch conversations the first Friday of each month at 12 noon in Newcomb Hall's Kaleidoscope Room. (No meeting in January or June thru September) | Email:

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